Friday, August 29, 2008

Wow! Long time no blog. My bad!

Wow, I've been a bad blog-mommy. 

Some personal updates before we get to the goods! My fiance and I are a little over a month away from "the big day". Stress doesn't even begin to describe. We still have a majority of the wedding to pay off, so that's a big factor right now in our stress. I did, however, have to go buy a new dress from David's Bridal. The dress is very beautiful and pretty conservative.

ANNNDDD.... we have bought a house. Well, not "officially" yet - but we sign the papers for the house today. A beautiful 3 bed room home, with a fire place, pool, and a dining area that I can only describe as the perfect french cafe. 

Now, onto what's new in the craft world! I do an annual show in Brielle, NJ every fall. The show happens to be next weekend (September 6th) and I am *so excited*. We have so many new beautiful creations, new styles, and if I may say so myself, our technician has dramatically improved from last year's show - that I'm quite positive that the show will be a huge hit. 

Recently I have found an attraction and love for Lampwork glass - and have started a Kidney Bean line - a single lamp work glass Kidney Bean on a sterling silver cable line. These necklaces are so dainty and feminine - I'm having a hard time parting with them! The line has not officially made it's way to my Etsy store as of yet, but hoping by November I will have my line completed with all the beans finished, in all colors imaginable. 

My lampwork obsession has not ended there. I have found a love for taking truly gorgeously hand made lampwork beads in all assorted shapes, designs, and colors, and turning them into OOAK bracelets. 

This piece, I just love... I love the texture of the bumpy lamp work beads, and the contrast of the lavender swarovski crystals. I call this piece, Fall Festival:

Fall Festival lampwork bracelet

For those of us clinging to the remains of summer, this piece reminds me of a late summer carnival, with the sky blue and contrasting sunshine yellow. I call this Carnival Sky:

Carnival Sky lamp work bracelet

I love beads, and love creating jewelry. I even keep the pieces that I deem as "ugly jewelry". Just because it's not necessarily my style - doesn't mean that there isn't a person in the world who wouldn't think that they've found a treasure. 

Aside from my new creations - I have been doing quite a bit of shopping on Etsy (as always). Here are some of the fabulous pieces that I have recently purchased and highly recommend these shops for superior product, fantastic customer service, and prompt shipping:

Devan Carol's shop:

I received this fabulous wool felted ring yesterday. I positively love it. The ring is a fun accessory and the color combination could fair well for both summer, or fall fashions. Devan is extremely accommodating, responds fast to all convo's, and has exceptional shipping time. 
Big Fatty Felted Ring

If you're looking for cute, and original tags - shop is fabulous, and the seller is very sweet, helpful, and cheery. You know how you sometimes get a seller who you purchase from then you hear hide nor hare from them? This seller, cornerstore, is a polar opposite of that. They are professional, and prompt.

16 Lady Bug and Flower  Mini  Cards

This seller is near and dear to my heart. If you're looking for rainbows and sunshine - this shop is definitely a place to visit. I have made multiple purchases from this seller, and even purchased a bulk order or friendship bracelets that have their shop information on the packaging that I am now including in purchases made via Etsy as well as the shows I will be attending as a "thank you" gift. I believe that working together with hand made artists not only helps boost sales for both parties involved, but also gives a greater sense of community.

This piece from Make Peace But Rebel, is not a purchase of mine (yet, note the yet, it is hearted and I plan on purchasing!) but it's so well done, I had to share the quality workmanship this shop offers to customers:

Rainbow Beanie

And, my final promotion of the day, I recently purchased this beautiful, fluffy, fuzzy friend from a fabulously artistic, talented, and Etsy famous plush creator: Mint Conspiracy. The plushies are so professionally made with care, and are so truly unique - how can you resist this furry little face?

Fabulous Petunia -- A Rock Star in Sparkling Yellow

As always, buy hand made! Visit Etsy often, and help support this fabulous hand made community of talented artists, and quality product!

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