Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Etsy Mini!

Lots of shopping going on here. Trying to get BJ to not buy anything for himself this time of year is like yanking teeth! The boy doesn't know when to stop shopping. hehe I have been busy buying Christmas presents with what little money we have (talk about massive bills) and doing trades on Etsy! I am definitely up for doing Trading for the Christmas season! This is my Trade Friendly section: Trade Friendly

My bunnies are almost 1 year old. Well, sort of. January 25th the little furry monsters will be 1 year old. Honey Bear and Sir Flopsalot (the parents) will be two years old this coming year. They are so much fun. The two boys Mischief and Peanut are *so attached* to me. We don't keep our rabbits outside in hutches - they are all indoor bunnies. We have to keep Peanut and Mischief separated from the other four because Sir Flopsalot has "domain" over the three girls and is very territorial - so the three boys would fight. The four bunnies stay in a large floor play pen that is probably 5ft x 4ft - while the two boys have a hutch. We bring Peanut and Mischief out daily to let them run around the house. They follow me like lost puppies. No matter where I am, they have to be with me. If I'm on the couch - they jump on the couch and stay there. If I'm in the kitchen, they are follow me into the kitchen. I've never met two rabbits that are so in love with their human owner. I guess a lot of that has to do with that they were hand raised (the four babies) by me and my husband. Female rabbits, I've found, are just naturally more independent - but all the boys have been extremely attached to us.

Here is a really cute picture of Mischief and J.C. (JC is a girl) at just a few months old. They are all so soft and fuzzy - lion head bunnies, dwarfs.
DSCF2161-1-1.jpg picture by nightwolf27

Other then bunnies, I finished a custom order this week for a lady in TN. She was such a pleasure to work with, and I am really happy with how the piece came out. It reminds me of winter, ice, and snow. Very magical and majestic piece.

DSCF5170-1.jpg picture by nightwolf27
Other then all that - BJ has been frantically working on the puzzle jewelry, I've been working on tile and glass pendants. I will end this entry with my Etsy mini and I hope that it posts!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Vote for your favorite!

It's that time, and yes, I'm hosting my very first blog contest! Please review the below lovely Etsy crafters and vote on your favorite. The winner will receive a lovely necklace made by moi, Angel Heart Beads! 

The contest will end on Wednesday, November 12, 2008. Tell all your friends to come by and vote for their favorite pet!!! :) 

Here are your choices!: 

#1:    Fur Baby Morgan

#2:   Nicole Worthley's fur babies

#3:   Bunny

#4:   Mommy's Yelling Girl fur babies

#5. Miss Morrison

#6.   Recycled Ideas puppy

#7. Ninja

#8.   Ash

#9. Zoey

#10.   Galaxy and Magellan

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Have returned from my wedding / Honeymoon!

Well, the wedding was positively fantastic. It went a thousand times better then I had anticipated. I'm officially Mrs. Armstrong and I couldn't be happier. People really weren't kidding when they said the day would go by in a blur. I just remember feeling so incredibly relieved that the stress was finally over, that we're now married, and I can breathe again! 

The dress was beautiful. A lovely lady on Etsy made me a bell sleeved bolero to go with my dress:  ( ) 

My mom had made the floral arrangements for myself, my bridesmaids, and for the ceremony. Those came out beautiful as well. The bird cage center pieces were beautiful with tiny white lights, they just made the table twinkle and sparkle. Once my photographer sends me the proofs I will be able to post pictures of the ceremony. 

My mom did my hair that morning in hot curlers, and I used her head piece from when she got married in 1979. The veil was a cathedral train and the head piece was a wide band with tiny white flowers. I added my own touch with a crown that fit well under the band. 

Lets not forget the beautiful sparkle that the earrings that made for me, added such a wonderful touch to my dress, hair, and bolero. 

I must say that my photographer Rich Alborn was amazing, funny, personable, and reliable. He drive out to PA all the way from New Jersey to join in my special day. He is highly recommended and does a wonderful job. His site is here:

So, the day went off without a hitch! I was happy with most everything - but must say - glad it's over! I never imagined getting married would be so much stress. 

Upon our three tiered cake sat our lovely custom made by bunny cake topper. The cake was beautiful, and the bunnies truly added a personal touch:

After the honey moon we stayed at a BEAUTIFUL bed and breakfast in Wilkes-Barre, PA - The Sign of the Rose b&b.  The room we stayed in was the blue velvet room. Gorgeous, comfortable, and so completely what we needed after so much stress. The bed is to die for comfortable - and lets not even forget to give props to the two person walk in shower! Vesta and Terry are great people, and so welcoming. The next morning they cooked us a fabulous breakfast of pancakes with banana's foster, tea, coffee, and sausage. $85.00 a night for this wonderful charming place. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get away for a weekend!

   The Blue Velvet room. 

So, while away on our honeymoon to Salem, MA - we visited the Salem village, and took many tours. While I'm really glad for the experience I must admit, I was slightly disappointed with how commercialized it had become, and hardly any of the buildings remained in original condition - and NONE of the buildings were you allowed to go in. Pretty much it was all just spooky fun houses and really bad food. lol But, aside from that, we did take a candle lit tour at night thru the town - the person leading the tour I felt did a crappy job but we did manage to catch orbs on camera in the grave yard. That was really the highlight of the trip. I'm happy I went but I don't think I'd ever really go again. 

Salem Witch Museum  Salem's most visited museum.

After our trip to Massachusetts - I came home to a surprise. In my email was a letter waiting from Bead Trends magazine - our Tropical Puzzle Piece necklace has been accepted for publication in their April 2009 edition! I will be mailing out the piece this week for them to photograph. I am near speechless on this great honor. I will definitely keep everyone posted on what all happens after they receive my piece!