Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Such a long time

I really should make a goal for myself to blog at least once a week - to keep me motivated and inspired.

The past year has brought about a lot of changes in my life. Besides my recent marriage in 2008 (Okay, so not so recent) - my mother introduced me to her boyfriend Curtis, my old roommate from years ago moved in with my husband and I for one day then moved in with someone from the internet, created a second store on Etsy, been published, have a full time job outside of my home now, besides my on call work on the weekends, and now my husband and I have embarked on a life style change: losing weight.

We joined http://www.SparkPeople.com and have been logging our daily food, calories, exercise, etc. 7 weeks in, and 22 lbs down. Hubby's lost 16 lbs.

Being the foodie that I am - life style change in the kitchen scared me. I'm a cook. I am not happy unless I'm cooking. Creating master piece food presentations is what drives me. But, surprisingly, I've found that I am enjoying cooking more, now, then I was before. This change is challenging me, and my true abilities to cook. I'm no chef by any means, and would never claim to be. But food is the heart of my family - it's where people gather, and chat, and make memories.

So what's on the menu? Buffalo shrimp and chicken with grilled cherry tomatoes and pineapple. Holy hell, delicious!

Truman, one of our cats, is having ear surgery on Monday. He scratched his ear or did something that caused this blood bubble to form. The vet tried draining it, but it just keeps filling back up. So, next step is surgery. Makes me nervous. He's such a good boy, such a gentle cat. I'd be devastated if something ever happened to him.

Well, that's all for tonight. Off to watch Idol and put the buffalo flames out in my mouth! Enjoy my latest - Alien Slit Throat choker necklace!

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