Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are you a Rock Star?

Hey, if we can't all be rock stars, we can accessorize like them, right? 

A friend of mine from New Jersey has a daughter that is a country singer. Her name is Nikki Britt. Nikki released her first CD "Cowboy" in September. Her mother has been purchasing jewelry from my for years, and I was given good news the other day that her daughter was wearing all the pieces I had made for her during her photo shoot, some of which ended up on her CD album cover pictures! Visit her myspace with three of her album songs posted: 

To celebrate I've made a fabulous new Rock star necklace, that I'd like to promote today! This fabulous piece is made from foiled silver stars, on a multi strand glass seed bead weave. The piece is finished off by a sterling silver clasp. 

DSCF4701.jpg picture by nightwolf27

Also, my wonderful husband to be (in just 18 days!!!) has started a new gorgeous line of jewelry - made completely of puzzle pieces!

il_430xN45527796.jpg picture by nightwolf27


Our Homeschool Newsletter! said...

OMG! I looove your bunny! He is adorable!
And way cool on the jewelry being on the cover of the CD! That "rocks!"

kim* said...

aw lovely bunny

Kari said...

That is so cool about the jewelry, how exciting!