Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wedding update

The count down is at 10 days! This whole experience has been one wild roller coaster ride. First it was on, then it was off, then on again, then off again. And here we are, only days away from "the big day" and I'm finally finding some peace and less stress. A lot of that I owe to my mom who has taken most of the stress upon herself to help make all this happen. And to show off her awesome floral talents, my mom has made my bouquet, along with my brides maids bouquets for the wedding:



Brides Maids:


Other then that - we did end up losing the house we were planning on buying. I will never
in my life ever recommend the company Lend America to any person looking to buy a home.

BJ has really taken off with this puzzle piece jewelry. He's made a few more pieces and they are amazing. I've been working on wooden tile pendants. As soon as I get my bails in, I'll be able to complete them and post them up for show and tell. :) 

We're rearranged our apartment now that we won't be moving any time soon - and all the bunnies are now located in my craft room so I can be with them while I'm crafting. I think they are happy there. They are just the most adorable things. 

These are my babies Peanut and Mischief - they are the sweetest out of all the bunnies, and love to be with people. Infact, they have spent the last three hours running around my living room. :)

DSCF2373.jpg image by nightwolf27

Well, that's really all the updates I have right now! I will be sure to post more after the wedding.

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