Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jewelry for the Food Network Stars?

Who doesn't love food? Or in fact, who doesn't love the Food Network for at least one of it's stars? I find inspiration in the strangest places. I have to admit, I'm a total Food Network junkie - and am a super huge fan of Rachel Ray.

While making jewelry, I try to find things that inspire me from the interests that I have. Namely, making "food" from Polymer clay. I have designed a Tomato necklace and earring set for Rachel Ray, which will be promptly mailed out to her this week.

Meanwhile, I have also designed a Cherry pie necklace and earring set for Paula Deen. These two ladies are my cooking inspirations.

Sometimes it's easier to become inspired then one might think. It doesn't have to always be "jewelry related" to make jewelry.


missknits said...

ohh how fun! you'll have to post pics of your cherrypie set for paula too!! would love to see!

Ruth Ann said...

Your jewelry is adorable. What fun thinking that the rich and famous may be wearing it one day!

moonmystic said...

So sorry about your car.